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Bridal and Special Occasion

Bridal and Special Occasion Fitting

Yes we do bridal and special occasion bra fittings!  This fitting is great for brides, bridesmaids, moms of brides/grooms, proms—any formal occasion really! Every gal wants to look her best on her big day. And brides don’t forget the honeymoon! A Perfect Fit has the expertise in special occasion bustiers, corsets, bras, strapless bras, shapewear and lingerie. We will take a look at photos of your dress or you can bring it along with you. We will discuss your expectations and day’s activities, evaluate your dress design and body shape and then recommend the best undergarments for your dress and budget.

Cost: Choose between the Quick Fit and the Full Service Fitting. A Quick Fit will get you fitted to a bridal bustier or bra/strapless bra and undies as appropriate for your particular dress or outfit. The full service fitting will get you thoroughly sized if you have never had bra success before, so you can start over in absolute style! We can also build the bride a full trousseau of lovely undergarments and lingerie.

Great advice for you to know:

  • If you don’t need an undergarment, need less undergarment or can use something you already have, we will happily tell you! Less can be more depending on your breast size, dress fit and style. We will take a look, discuss your activities and goals and give you an honest evaluation. We want you to be able to move, dance and be comfortable while looking your most beautiful on your wedding day. That being said:
  • Some bridal and formal dress shops are starting to advise that you don’t need to wear anything under your gown or special dress. Some say it is so the dress won’t slip. This usually isn’t the way to go. If the dress is slipping, it usually is because it is not properly tailored or is a style that is not right for your body shape. The dress should move nicely over your lower body and stay put on top. Even though your dress may have boning or cups sewn in the bodice (most strapless styles), they may not come back against your body under the breast properly to really support like a band will, especially if you are full busted. That means when you move, your breast will fall down behind the boning or sewn-in cups, leaving you sweaty and with a gap at top. And this causes us to pull at our dress and do the shimmy-shake because our breasts are in the wrong place!  So move and dance in your dress to check this out no matter your breast size.
  • While we kindly advise not waiting until the last minute and weight loss should be done well ahead of time, we know that is not always real life sometimes. We will try very hard to help! We cannot guarantee we will have your bustier/corset size in-shop if you come too close to your actual special day. But we will still size you properly and order for you if there is time. If we can’t get the undergarment in time, we will very gladly tell you where you can get it or a similar one in the size you need.

If you are losing weight or seriously plan to and you need a garment for your dress fitting, we may advise getting a bra fitting and then getting a proper sized bra for the first dress fitting. We sell undergarments and our return policy will apply. Don’t worry; we will refit you for free for the final bridal garment when you have reached your goal. It’s that easy!