A Perfect Fit

Maternity and Nursing

Most women change sizes 2-4 times during pregnancy and often just stay in ill-fitting bras. If you are one of those gals that changes significantly, you may need to purchase bras several different times during your pregnancy to stay supported and comfortable. Proper support and sizing really does matter for how your breast shape turns out on the other side of pregnancy and nursing, especially if breast size goes significantly bigger with pregnancy.

Maternity Bra Fitting

This is for the gal who needs sizing during pregnancy but is not ready for nursing bras (end of third trimester). She has changed and needs comfort and support and wants to do it right.  We can size you for growth. We can also size you closer to where you are at the moment. Every woman is different. You may have to come back to resize and repurchase to stay comfortable either way. It’s just the nature of the beast!

Cost: Maternity Bra Fittings will be either a Quick Fit ($15) or a Full Service Fitting Fee ($40/$25) according to our criteria, and then we forever refit for free. The Quick Fit is for the gal who has been successfully fit somewhere else before or knows her size, has changed and has no health or other issues that need attending. The full fit is for the gal that has never been fitted successfully before, she has changed significantly, and /or she has health issues to be considered.

Nursing Bra Fitting

This bra fitting is for the gal who is pregnant and is in need of nursing bras for the hospital and during initial nursing. She is in the third trimester of her pregnancy and plans on nursing or needs a comfortable bra that supports and fits. She has been wearing basically good-fitting bras but hasn’t been here before, so a Quick Fit may apply. If you have been wearing ill-fitting bras and sizing is way off or you have not been fitted before, the Full Fit fee may apply instead.

Cost: $15 for initial nursing bras prior to or right after birth. Otherwise the Quick Fit or Full Fit Fee will apply if you have not been fitted here before. Then we forever refit for free.

EXPERT TIP:  Bras purchased during this time can possibly be saved for your next pregnancy or donated. Hold on to regular bras purchased during pregnancy because they often fit after you have your baby and can be used along with nursing bras or instead of nursing bras if you don’t nurse.