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Sports bras

We stock the very best in sports bras. Since our owner comes from a healthcare background, we cannot say enough about having the proper sports bra right from the start. A Perfect Fit has internationally-recognized sports bras that feature the latest technology and engineering. From walking and cheerleading to Zoomba and horseback riding, we have a sports bra for you. If you are serious about your health and sports, come to A Perfect Fit. We are serious about our sports bras!

​The sports bras we carry are made for how you exercise and come in a complete range of bra sizes from B to M cup. Here’s what the pros know: sports bras should always be bra-sized and encapsulate —not smash—each breast to hold and prevent damage of the breast tissue due to excessive movement. And yes, there is science behind this! We tell you why this all matters and show you the correct features your sports bra should have.

EXPERT’S TIP: Our breasts are held by our Cooper’s ligaments, not by our chest muscles. Poor support and excessive prolonged bouncing causes stretch and pain during sports and exercise, especially if you are larger busted. If you have ever hurt from bouncing, that is those ligaments being damaged. And bounce can be very embarrassing. These factors often discourage and prevent girls and women from participation in exercise and sports. But this does not have to be, if you have the right sports bra, properly fitted to your true size and made for what you do!

REMEMBER: The damage (premature stretch, sagging, torn Coopers ligaments) caused to breasts due to poor fitting bras and support, especially during sports, cannot be naturally undone (this means without surgery).