A Perfect Fit


Why is a professional fitting better?

 A professional  bra fitter will care to develop a relationship with you, give you expert advice and information, and address any special needs that may impact your choices. She will have knowledge of anatomy and health issues that can impact your bra fit. She will have in-depth knowledge of her merchandise and the bra industry. A great one will be kind, non-judgmental and honest about what will work for your shape and size. Our owner and professional fitter, Peggi Joy, has 20 years of healthcare experience. She is a Board Certified Breast Prosthetic Fitter as well. At A Perfect Fit, we will listen to your concerns, fit you in bras that are right for your breast and body shape, translate sizing across design lines, and help you build a solid bra wardrobe to fit your fashion needs – saving you time, frustration and money – all things that cannot happen online and that don’t happen at the mall or in most department stores. And it will be fun!

Why do I need an appointment for a first-time fitting? 

Bras are intimate, body hugging garments that need to be comfortable and fit correctly. We want to spend quality time with each customer to get it right from the start. We will always try to fit you in if you stop by. However, we know you are busy and we don’t want you to have to wait if we are not available. 

What if I have shopped at A Perfect Fit before?

This is what makes that first bra fitting so worthwhile. We make shopping for bras easy and frustration-free! When you want to re-purchase bras, we will quickly refit bras you will love even if you have changed, because we have kept your purchase record and personal fitting info. You can re-shop by appointment or just come on by. We will do all the work. No wading through racks of bras trying to figure it out by yourself, ever!

Is there a fee?

Yes, it’s our expertise and time. We have two levels of fittings. Your first time is a one-time-only fee and then we will refit you for free as long as you get refit within 2 years. We recommend refitting at least yearly because we change and/or our bras wear out! You can read about our fittings here

What if I don’t purchase a bra? 

That’s okay! You will still get your sizing info, fit education (what we call “Boobology 101), and bra designs/frames that will work best for you. Our fitting fees are not based on a bra purchase (except our full fitting discount) or a gimmick. They are based on our level of personal service and expertise that you will receive every time you shop with us, even if you decide not to buy from us. We think you’re our worth it!