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Your Fitting Appointment

At A Perfect Fit, we are your biggest supporters! Our bra fitting expertise and friendly service, quality of products and many different bra frames and sizes are at the heart of what makes A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique and Fitting Salon different from other bra shopping experiences. Bra shopping with us will be relaxed, frustration-free, and—you’ll hear it often—fun! Our professional bra fittings are a one-on-one personalized shopping service just for you.  Our Bra Fit Specialists are friendly, helpful, honest and approachable. We know our stuff and are generous with our expertise. Our goal is for you to look your very best and to love bra shopping with us!

Appointments are recommended for bra fittings so that we can make sure someone is available when you are and that your experience is as fun as it can be. We will accept walk-ins and do our best to fit you in.


Full Service Bra Fittingdressing-rooms

This is for the gal who has never been successfully or professionally fit before. She knows it’s all wrong, she may be spilling out and her bras are a pain in her neck – literally! It takes about 40 minutes and is a complete personal shopping experience that will transform her bra wardrobe.

Your Bra Fit Specialist takes the time to fit you into the right bra frames for your body and breast shape, address any health issues that may be impacting your bra fit (like back, neck, shoulder injuries or conditions and/or breast or chest surgeries) and show you how to properly get into your bra and how it should wear. We do the shopping for you and recommend bras based on what works for your shape and fits your wardrobe, activities and fashion style. We will rebuild your lingerie wardrobe with you. And we just may introduce you to new styles you would have never tried before and will end up loving!

COST: $40 One-Time-Only Fee – You get an instant discount to $25 with the purchase of a regularly priced in-stock bra. We track your sizing and remember the bras you buy. We then refit for free as long as you get refit within 2 years. 


brasThe Quick Fit 

This one’s for the gal who has been professionally or successfully fit before but her size has changed a bit and she can’t get it comfy on her own because, hey, we change — it’s life!  This is also good for the smaller busted gal who does not have any major issues but wants her size shored up and adjusted without any bells and whistles. It takes about 15-20 minutes. We evaluate your current fit, shore up the sizing and make our recommendations. We present you with 3-5 styles based on what you are looking for that day.

COST: $15 One-Time-Only Fee – Just like the Full Fit, we track your sizing and remember the bras you buy. We then refit for free as long as you get refit within 2 years.

Fitting fees are nonrefundable. Our bra fittings are our expertise and time which is a service, so we take it out of the bra price. That way, you get more bra for your money! Although we do hope you purchase with us, the purchase of a bra is not required except for the full service fitting fee discount.*  Even if you don’t purchase bras with us, you will go away with properly proportioned sizing and the right information to be able to buy bras and wear them more successfully. There is a lot of hype out there and we will help you cut through all that.

*Please read our return policy carefully as it is specific since these are quality garments that are worn intimately (they’re underwear!). It’s posted in our store and is on every receipt.